Business Coupon Savings Book

The Fern Creek Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its first ever Savings Book to our community. It contains coupons offering great deals from our local Chamber Members that not only encourage you to buy locally, but also saves you money.

The Savings Book is the best source for local coupons that stretch the value of your dollar at Fern Creek Chamber Members’ restaurants and business. Just download the book to your computer, print your coupons (or show on your smartphone) and take them with you for great discounts and deals on your community favorites. We help you get it for less!

As the seasons change from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, so will the Savings Book. Be sure to mark your calendar each season to check this page for the new book.

Coupon Submission

Chamber Members, are you interested in putting your coupon in our Savings Book?

The deadline for submitting the electronic coupons for the upcoming quarter Savings Book is by the 20th on the last month of the preceding quarter. At this time, each Member is limited to one coupon per quarter.

To take advantage of this new option to market your business through the Fern Creek Chamber of Commerce in a cost effective way to attract new customers, or for more information contact the chamber office 239-7550 or