PAINT Nail Bar

At PAINT we understand that we are not a “nail salon,” although we do nails. We do
not look, feel, or smell like a traditional nail salon. From our custom-built furniture to
our odorless environment, unparalleled staff development and engagement strategies,
nails may be the trade, but relationships and client experience are the business.
Our objective is to ensure that at the end of every service, every client feels that going
anywhere other than PAINT would not be possible or tolerable because a new standard has been set.

Whether it is cleanliness, color selection, client service, nail art, environment,
attention to detail, or the wonderful energy at PAINT…you name it, we’ve thought of
it, developed it, and fine-tuned it based on staff and client feedback.

In addition, we believe that promoting the health and integrity of your natural nail is
our paramount. Whether you like your nails short, long or “just so,” our technicians
are the BEST in the industry and take the time it takes to satisfy our clients’ wishes.
Traditionally, women and men have the choice of going to either an “in n’ out” strip
mall nail salon or having a manicure or pedicure at a spa.

What if… clients have the convenience of an ideally located salon with a lovely and
warm aesthetic and customer service philosophies that blow even the best spa
experience out of the water (fun pun)?

Mix in a ton of fun, lovely and rewarding client experiences, and an elite knowledge
base of staff and management…and you will find PAINT Nail Bar.


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