Crimson Dove Counseling Services, Inc.

Crimson Dove Counseling Services is a professional counseling service with offices in Louisville and Franklin KY.  We provide mental health counseling services in person and via telehealth for individuals, couples, children, and families.  We at Crimson Dove Counseling Services specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, child behavioral problems, parenting education, and grief. 

Crimson Dove ABI is a division of Crimson Dove Counseling Services

We offer a range of residential home settings throughout Louisville that provide many opportunities for participants to be active members of the community.  Our residential homes provide convenient access to a variety of local resources as well as social and cultural activities including shopping, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.  In addition, all of our home settings are located near vocational opportunities and educational facilities where our participants can enroll in support services for individuals with disabilities.

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